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Marion Ravenwood — LiveJournal
Earlier this year I fell in love with Let the Great World Spin and consequently Man on Wire.


Also, you have to love the Gray Lady. This is perhaps the most amusing example of inverted pyramid I've ever seen:

Combining the cunning of a second-story man with the nerve of an Evel Knievel, a French high-wire artist sneaked past guards at the World Trade Center, ran a cable between the tops of its twin towers and tightrope-walked across it yesterday morning.
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Hugo and Spooky.


More kittens!Collapse )

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Not Fooling Anybody

I love this.

The Disco Diner formerly an IHOP is right up the street from me, only it's some random Chinese place now (but still not fooling anybody).
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Publix cashier: Can I get a roll of customers for a quarter?

She was trying to say, "Can I get a roll of quarters for a customer."
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Halloween house 3

Halloween decorations one street over.
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The people across the street from me, on the left of the Cuban restaraunt, are having some sort of party or gathering on their front lawn. Someone is playing the guitar. Right now he's singing "On the Dock of the Bay." Before that it was "Brown-Eyed Girl." He's quite good. However, his first song was "I Only Want to Be With You," which did not bode well for the evening.

ETA: Now they're having a sing-along of "I Get By (With a Little Help from My Friends)."
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African wildcat caught near Georgia Tech.

This is the second serval caught in Atlanta in two years.

On a somewhat related note, not content with cats in sinks, we now have cats in bathtubs:

Lily in bathtub
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It will still be Disco Kroger to me.

Of course, the Kroger near where I live is called the Crack Kroger.
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Ford Falcon Futura. Parked on the street like that, I assume it still runs.
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The perils of Penelope




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